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Absolutely – when his name is Joey Green and he can prove to you that a pair of L’Eggs® Sheer Energy Panty Hose can work wonders for neck pain! A bona fide “genius” in his chosen field, Joey has revealed brand-name- product magic to awestruck millions everywhere. Massive audiences have watched him demonstrate his amazing secrets on The Tonight Show, Today, and Good Morning America. Countless more fans have read his six best-selling books on astounding ways to use household products. Now, in Joey Green’s Fix-It Magic, he reveals how familiar products have the power to fix nearly everything in and around your home.

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If a friend or relative happens to see you pouring grape Kool-Aid® into your dishwasher… sprinkling Nestea® on your lawn…or dabbing ChapStick® on your eyeglasses…

…he may think you need a long rest somewhere peaceful!


Ah, but when you explain how…
Kool-Aid® flushes harmful deposits from your dishwasher pipes…
Nestea® provides crucial nutrients for your lawn…
ChapStick® erases scuff marks from your eyeglasses instantly…
…They’ll be asking where you discovered all these amazing secrets!

Good friend that you are, you’ll share the news (and be gracious when you accept their thanks!) by telling them about my latest book: Joey Green’s Fix-It Magic.


But, first, you have to get your own copy – which is just as easy as removing rust spots from your favorite heirloom skillet (Use Wesson Oil®) Or, just as easy as deodorizing a stinky refrigerator. (Use pages of USA Today®)


Doubtful? Most people are – until they try a few of my amazing solutions. That’s why my publisher and I encourage you to examine my amazing fixes FREE in your own home for 21 days, without risking a single penny!

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Big Freeze Coming?
To thaw out frozen pipes (or prevent them from freezing) sprinkle Morton® Salt down waste pipes.

Bull Countertops?
A coat of Turtle Wax® rejuvenates dulled Formica countertops and plastic tabletops.

Sickly Houseplants?
Give them a boost with Aunt Jemima Original Syrup®. Two tablespoons once a month will keep them healthy.

“Hairy” Situation?
What clogs tub and shower drains the most? Hair. What dissolves hair super-fast? Nair®. Yes, the old standby depilatory. Apply to clogged drain, let stand for 15 minutes, then flush with water. Ne’er a hair remains!

Instant Eyeglass Repair
If the screw from your glasses gets lost, a piece of Oral-B® dental floss makes an effective temporary repair worthy of MacGyver!

Banish Smelly Pet Stains
No, you don’t have to buy a new carpet or sell the house! Mix Heinz® White Vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and saturate. (Within a few days, you won’t smell a thing!) This solution is extremely effective – and cheap!

Stubborn Rust?
Don’t resort to heavy-duty, toxic products. It’s rust on your tub – not an aircraft carrier! Instead, cover stains with Coca-Cola®, then let sit for an hour. The phosphoric acid in the Coke is a terrific rust dissolver.

Cracks in Fine China?
Make them disappear completely with this amazing Joey Green trick. All you need is Carnation® Evaporated Milk and the simple direction.

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